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Marmaduke Feather Strap is the original shoulder or back strap. It was invented in 2013. Patent is pending in Japan (3184155, 2013), and Design is registered in Euro and China.  


There is due reasons why you choose the original:

1. It is original.  You will be proud of the fact.  Others are just copy.

2. Brass hooks were tested to withstand 100 Kg force. The string were tested to withstand 200 Kg force.

3. The only product tested in a lab.

4. Players includes Mark Turner, Ben Wendel, Jure Pukl, Caleb Curtis, Jeremy Powell,

Mario Castro, Kevin Bene, Andy Austin plus many professionals.


Appreciate your support!   


Demo by Matt Garrison

A patent was filed in 2013.  This patent covers the shoulder/back strap for woodwind instruments. 

The current model:


1. Tabs faces outside. They do not pinch your neck.


2. Easy adjustment of width


3. Easy adjustment of length/

    200Kgf strength of the cord


4. Wide adjuster made of Aluminum


5. Pure Brass hook for maximum          resonance


RedReed for alto saxophone is now available. Please click here!

Marmaduke Music offers high quality Hard Rubber Mouthpieces for Saxophones.


Alex Miyatake designs mouthpieces using highest quality Ebonite (Pure Rubber).

The sound is warm and deep.  If you like vintage mouthpieces sach as Otto Link Slant Signature, Meyer NY, please try Marmaduke mouthpieces. We have contemporary models as well.  You will enjoy deep subtone as well as screaming high notes without changing your setting.


Marmaduke Music distributes:

Aaron Drake, AIZEN, CE Winds, CG Mouthpiece, Ed Pillinger, Gary Sugal, MACSAX, Phil Barone, Ted Klum, Theo Wanne, Consoli Ligature and Marc Jean Ligatures